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October - Spencer is featured on IVRT's Wednesday Wag Interview Series

September - The Halloweeners return for a Fall season

Spencer acts, writes, directs, produces, and edits this spooktacular horror/comedy.

March - "Popcorn" is released

Spencer stars in "Popcorn". A short dramedy shot pre-lockdown.

February/March - The Halloweeners Return for a hybrid season

The spring funsize season of Halloweeners is shutdown mid way through production. The show continues with socially distanced episodes.

January - Spencer is cast as a lead in Eddie Vigil's "Popcorn"

December - "The Halloweeners Kill Christmas Chapter Two" screens at Night of Shorts Night

December - Spencer plays Gearge Bailey in IVRT's radio production of "It's a Wonderful Life"

November - Halloweeners wins the golden cart at Sunset Comedy Series!

October - Spencer is a guest on "Yellow Pod Sessions" with Clay Elliot

October - "The Beach" wins Best Production in the "Short and Sweet" Festival

October - Spencer is interviewed by "Artistic Platforms Magazine"

OCTOBER - Spencer performs in the "Short and Sweet" Finals Gala in the one act play "The Beach"

OCTOBER - Halloweeners begins a new series of FUN SIZE episodes

One minute episodes of Spencer's web series can be seen on Instagram and Youtube! 

SEPTEMBER - Spencer is nominated for BEST ACTOR in the 48 Hour Film Festival's "BEST of LA"

The film "For Closure" and a handful of other films will screen athletes the Chinese Theater in Hollywood on Sunday September 8th.

SEPTEMBER - "For Closure" is NOMINATED for the "Best of LA" at the 48 Hour Film Festival

Out of 159 teams, 28 were selected to screen at the Chinese in Hollywood on September 8th

AUGUST - A New Season of HALLOWEENERS begins production.

Spencer writes, acts, produces, directs, and edits this spooktacular series.  

Spencer participated as a writer, actor, and editor for this project.

JUNE - "Feeling Lucky" opens at the Hollywood Fringe Festival

A collection of less than romantic comedies exploring love starring.  Courtney Scheuerman, Spencer Weitzel, Tarah Pollock, and Eddie Navarro.      

APRIL - Spencer plays the creepy antagonist in creepy scifi film "GOOD HEAD"

MARCH - Episode 2 of "American Dreamerz" is released

February - Spencer and the cast of "Seminar" return for a private performance

After a year, Pop Up Theatre Company pops up for a one-night-only performance of Theresa Rebeck's Seminar.

FEBRUARY - Spencer books another spot with Bottlekeeper

JANUARY 2019 - Spencer books a lead in an Indie Horror Film called "Burrial"

A psychological thriller following two brothers as they try to cover up a murder. 

Genre bending, holiday hilarity. Follow the link for the full episode.

Don't know what your house is like but this pretty much sums up ours! Cold beer to the rescue...

Spencer Weitzel and Co. released three more episodes of HALLOWEENERS including The Halloweeners Meet Dracula.

JUNE - A new episode of HALLOWEENERS

Another spooktacular adventure as the Halloweeners read from the book of the dead, summon an angry spirit, and avoid an even angrier roommate.  

JUNE - Spencer is cast as a lead in the pilot of AMERICAN DREAMERZ

American Dreamerz: A latino comedy web series and political satire about pursuing the American dream in the age of Trump. From a Mexican American perspective. In these dark political times, especially affecting Mexican immigrants to the United States, sometimes we need to laugh to keep from crying.

MAY - "Seminar" by Theresa Rebeck opens with Pop Up Theater Inc

Spencer is a lead in this site specific, in the round, in your face,  serio-comedy by renowned playwright Theresa Rebeck. It runs through June 3rd at Thymele Arts in Hollywood.

MARCH - Anomoly X goes to Horror Hound Festival

February 2018: Spencer books a lead in BEARWULF's new music video

December: Catch Spencer in the HALLOWEENERS midseason finale

November: Spencer performs in the world premier of "Yerma in the Desert at Greenway Court Theatre

OCTOBER - Stay tuned for "HALLOWEENERS" a new webseries about two friends dealing with a haunted house.

SEPTEMBER - Spencer books the lead in "Unknown."

A psychological thriller about a man who hires a hitman, making himself the target.

SEPTEMBER - Spencer stars in the new short film "NORMAN" now in post production.

A dark comedy about a man at odds with his own reflection.

How far would you be willing to  go to  keep your friend alive while you’re on the run? How much trust is there between thieves?

The bond between two teachers is shaken when one of them finds himself on thin ice with the board of education… and the other is in charge of keeping him in line.

PRE is a surreal, dream-like short film by Charles Latham. The short centers around a man and his recollection of a bitter breakup with a woman due to his abuse of a drug called PREVuTANOL.

The film, written by Charles and his brother, David Smith, takes viewers on a visceral, mind-bending, and fractured experience through the eyes of a man slowing loosing his grip on reality. 

Watch the trailer HERE.

After a successful and acclaimed run at the Hollywood Fringe Festival, Urban Unrest wins The "Premier Award" presented by Rogue Machine Theatre and the Encore Award presented by Sacred Fools Theatre Company.  With the encore award comes and official EXTENSION. Friday, June 30th and Sunday, July 2nd at 8pm at Sacred Fools

Urban Unrest is a series of short plays presented by Urban Theatre Movement. Spencer is the lead in two of the short plays. You can see him as an uber liberal opinionated vegan fighting the good fight for a civilized world and ten minutes later, he's a down and out junkie surviving out of a hollywood motel..... both plays are comedies. 


Spencer has a supporting role in this scifi thriller premiering June 2nd at the Universal Studios Back Lot

Hummingbirds ran April/May as part of Urban Theatre Movement's annual One Act Festival

A bittersweet elevator ride to heaven or hell. We're not sure.

Don't take the Stairs ran april/May in Urban Theatre Movement's Annual One Act Festival

Set to an off beat tone (Louie, It's Always Sunny), follow Vinnie (Spencer Weitzel) and his rambunctious theatre company from black box to store front in this love letter to LA theatre.


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